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Related Links

We have tried to provide a broad selection of links to demonstrate the wider Laser Quest community.

ELC-Related websites

Laser Quest Swindon - The venue for this year's European Laser Quest Championships event
ELC2001 - The first European Laser Quest Championships event

Official Laser Quest and Committee websites

Versent Corporation - The Laser Quest Parent Company
Laser Quest GB - Laser Quest's franchise-holder in the UK
National Laser Quest Committee - Authoritative organisation regarding Laser Quest events in the Netherlands

Laser Quest Centres' websites

Please note that some or all of these sites may not be sanctioned by the respective Laser Quest centre.

Laser Quest Swindon - The venue for this year's European Laser Quest Championships event
Laser Quest Guildford - The defending European Laser Quest Champions
Laser Quest Eindhoven - All about Laser Quest Eindhoven
Partycentrum Doetinchem - Laser Quest ten top!!! Biertje? All about Laser Quest Doetinchem
le Laserquest de Montréal - Unofficial site of Montreal Laser Quest team
Laser Quest Appleton - Huge site filled with statistics from all major American tournaments, tons of pictures, message board, vast library of specialty games and the largest collection of links to other LQ sites
Laser Quest Newington - All about LQ Newington

Other Laser Quest related websites

Pro-Tag - Laser Quest players' organisation (Netherlands)
Netherlands Lasertag Forum - Laser Quest players' forum in the Netherlands
LQ Arena - Made BY LQ Players FOR LQ Players to bring people news from the LQ world. Whether it be checking out the message boards or viewing tournament results from the around the world you can do it all. Bottom line, a good place to meet fellow LQ Players from all over the place.

Swindon-related websites

Swindon Borough Council - Good point of reference for information about the town
Swindon Holiday Inn Express - This is a map, from this page select "Hotel Home" for lots of information about the hotel. We are arranging a deal with this hotel; please see the venue information page for more details.

Please feel free to submit a link to a related site you think should be included here. If you have already submitted a link it will be added shortly.

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