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We have a number of activities planned to try to raise awareness of the ELC through the media. Whilst we realise that Laser Tag is hardly considered to be a mainstream sport, it is hugely enjoyable to play and strangely compelling to watch. This years' ELC will see a big step forward in that respect, with four low-light capable video cameras positioned in the arena filming the action. The images will be recorded for editing at a later date, and will also be fed live into the reception area on large screens, so that the waiting teams can see the action as it happens. We hope this will provide us with a huge library of footage from which to compile a highlights package for interested media organisations.

For this yearís event, we plan to ask all participating teams to send a brief press release to their local/national media (newspapers, radio & TV) a month before the event. This is mainly to advertise this event and bring LQ to the attention of the wider population. It is also hoped that it will be beneficial for the Laser Quest centres who are sending teams.

As befits a sport for a new era such as this, we will be advertising the ELC on the internet in the weeks leading up to the event. The previous ELC event had its own website, on which you can now see the results of that tournament ( This website will be a central point for details for teams entered, rules, tournament schedule and format for this years event. It will also contain details of press releases, sponsorship and resources for visitors to assist them in understanding the event. We hope that on-line versions of any media coverage would include a link to ELC2003. Also we will work with any sponsors for the event to ensure the widest possible audience. We will be promoting our URL on local websites around the areas sending teams to the event, and especially in and around the host town of Swindon. The main aim of this is to generate hits for the ELC website and therefore raise awareness of the event, sponsors and the Laser Quest name.

Of course the best thing that we could get would be coverage on a national/international television channel for the event. Laser Quest poses some interesting and unique challenges for filming, as not only does the arena have to be fairly dark, but the game is, in every sense, three-dimensional. Unlike football or tennis, there is no single focal point for the action; it is never focussed on a single place inside the arena. One or more areas are active at any given time in a game. There could be no more fitting testament to the dedication, commitment and effort imparted by the players, not only during the competition but throughout the year, than widespread media coverage.

If you are interested and feel you may be able to help us in this respect, either in publicising the event beforehand or providing coverage of the event itself, please contact us without delay!

Further details will be available soon, including example pictures, video clips and details of press releases imminent/already made regarding this tournament. In the meantime, please feel free to view a copy of our full Sponsorship and Marketing Proposal. Thank you.

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Link Link Initial 1.0 2003-Mar-11 This is the initial version of the Sponsorship and Marketing Proposal document.

European Laser Quest Championships 2003