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(2003-May-19) Well, here we are, 20-odd days after the end of the tournament, and I can only apologise for the delay in updating the website. I could roll out the excuses, but you've probably heard me spouting them all already, so I'll just get on with it.

The tournament went, from our perspective, really well. We were pleased with the turnout, although perhaps a bit disappointed that three teams let us down at the last minute. We had more teams turning out than last year, and also representation from France, as well as from the UK and Holland. The trial of the video footage was well-received, and as a result will be carried through to the next tournament. The stats (available here) are more comprehensive than ever thanks to much hard work from Ian, and the whole tournament ran without a single replay (due in a big part to Alex, who marshalled the event brilliantly).

Needless to say, Ed and I were pretty shattered after the event, but talk has already started about the next event, which we hope to be organising in Holland next year. We sincerely hope to be able to make this event an annual congregation of the continent's best Laser Quest players, and our hope is that through this tough competition we will be able to further the development of the European teams and, perhaps more importantly, the image of Laser Quest itself as a competitive passtime.

Once again, we have to say a huge thanks to the following people for their help in the organisation and running of this event:

  • Alex Stroud for marshalling the event so well for us,
  • Ian Lewis for the scoring software and stats,
  • Chris Platt for his help in installing and wiring up the video cameras,
  • and all of the various people including Beth Reid and Chris Bovington for keeping the scoring on track, selling shirts and just generally ferrying things and people backwards and forwards while we were too busy playing (or talking to radio stations!).

Most of all, however, we would like to thank Craig Ullrich for letting us take over Laser Quest Swindon for a week, leave stuff lying around like a bomb had hit the place, book out practice games, fill the place with 140 people and then have the cheek to rope him into collecting people from Stanstead and splicing cabling for the camera power adapters into the bargain. He (and all of the LQ Swindon Crew) have our gratitude for a memorable weekend. And apologies to anyone else I've forgotten; I should have done this weeks ago and I would have remembered everyone!

But really, you only came here for the results, so that's all for now except to thank you all for turning up, say well done to one and all, and hope see you next year!

Martin and Edward
European Laser Quest Championships


Welcome to the European Laser Quest Championships, the event where Europe's premier Laser Quest players fight it out to decide who is the best team in Europe. Currently that title is held by "The Tribe Called Quest", of Guildford, England, who were victorious the last time the event was held back in 2001.

However, in order to defend their title they will be facing some stiff opposition, from England and Holland alike, and undoubtedly we will see some excellent Laser Quest over the course of the weekend as they and 15 other teams battle to prove that they are worthly of the title "European Champions".

The 2003 event will be held on 26/27 April at Swindon in England. So new that the site did not open for business until February 2003, Laser Quest Swindon should provide us with the best possible environment for deciding who truly is the best team, with brand new equipment and an excellent arena. To read more about the site, teams and tournament (and to submit your team), use the navigation bar above to go to the Briefing Room.

We are also, through this tournament, trying to raise awareness of Laser Quest (and Laser Tag games in general) as a serious competitive passtime, so please while you are here take a look in the Media Centre for some pictures, video clips and press releases regarding the event. If you like what you see, we are always looking for sponsors to enable us to provide the entrants with the best possible event. Visit the Sponsorship Details page for more information.

If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to answer your queries promptly.

Thanks for visiting!

Martin and Edward
European Laser Quest Championships

European Laser Quest Championships 2003



> > > >   It's over : The Tribe Called Quest retain the title   > > > >   Further details on the Post-Event Information page   > > > >

2003-May-19:   Better late than never, the results and stats for the event are available here. They are somewhat difficult to read, that will be fixed in due course. Pictures and video footage are to be uploaded over the next month or so, so check back for further updates. They are coming, I promise :-)

2003-Apr-28:   Well, the event is now finished, and the Tribe Called Quest have retained the title of "European Champions". More details to follow.

2003-Apr-22:   To book practice games on Friday and over the weekend, please contact the site. LQ Swindon have kindly allocated all of their games from 7:00pm on Friday until close for ELC practice. Games will also be available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

2003-Apr-18:   Please see the Media Centre for our current Press Release.

2003-Apr-13:   Tournament format updated with details on how the tournament will be run. More updates to teams registered.

2003-Apr-09:   Major news: ELC 2003 to be recorded on four fixed low-light cameras mounted in the arena and broadcast to big screens in reception. More updates to teams registered.

2003-Mar-05:   Final Rules uploaded. More details added in the media and sponsorship sections, and modifications to format and schedule.

2003-Mar-01:   More teams registered. More details to come in the media and sponsorship sections today.

2003-Jan-27:   More teams registered, draft rules updated. Now includes PDF version (finally). Also there is some information about hotel deals.

2003-Jan-01:   Major updates including more teams registered, draft rules and more event info. The Briefing Room is now fully open! Added Quicklinks on the front page.

2002-Nov-18:   Minor updates including list of teams registered so far. Draft rules will be available in PDF format by the end of the week. Letters to be sent to sites this week confirming the dates/times and format, and inviting entries.

2002-Nov-11:   New website online. I am on holiday for the next five days so no updates will happen in that period. However, you will still be able to SMS me with queries - see Contacts for details.


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