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Event Details - Event Information

Here's the basic information you're going to need for the event.

Where and When

The event is being held at Laser Quest Swindon, in England, on the weekend of July 31st and August 1st, 2004. We will be starting on Saturday at 10:00am sharp, in order to get all of the registrations and briefings completed and the games underway as soon as possible.

How Much?

Cost will be 20 per person for the two days.

Tournament Format

The tournament format has now been confirmed. We're expecting between 18 and 20 team to this event, and consequently we hope to be able to give everyone the opportunity to play as many of the other teams as possible. The first round of games will be played with three teams in the arena at a time. We will be playing with two groups of 10 teams, every team playing every other team at least once in the course of their 6 games. We will then split the two groups in half and re-combine them, playing a second round in the same manner as the first. In this way every team will get to play 12 games, and during that time will get to play 75% of the other teams playing in the competition.

Once all of the first and second round games are completed, the top 16 teams, based on their results from the first two rounds, will progress into the third round of the competition. The second phase will consist of "doublequest" games, i.e. two teams play a game, then exchange packs and play the game again with the packs that their opponents used in the previous game. The winning team, i.e. the team with the highest aggregate score, will go through to the Quarter Finals, then to the Semi Finals, and ultimately the Final. In addition to the standard final-stages progression, however, all of the last 16 teams will remain and play their own set of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals (probably easier to understand in this diagram) in order that they all come away from the tourney with a ranking at the end of the day.

We feel it is important that each team entering the World Challenge gets to play against every other team, as some of the teams will be travelling long distances for this event and may never get the opportunity to play each other again. The tournament format has therefore been designed with this in mind.

Further details of the tournament format will be published as soon as all of the entries have been received.

Tournament Rules

You can download the tournament rules here:

Download Zipped Document Draft Version 0.1 (09 June 2004)

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