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Banner Image - World Laser Quest Challenge 2004

Teams Currently Registered

Registration for the World Laser Quest Challenge is now closed due to the number of teams who have shown interest. The following teams have registered for the WLC 2004:

  • LQ Legends (Holland)
  • 2LOOZ (France)
  • TOXIC (England)
  • Team Outcast (Holland)
  • New Woking Order (England)
  • "Team Win!" (England)
  • The Tribe Called Quest (England)
  • "TW!" (France)
  • FUBAR (England)
  • Big'Uns (Holland)
  • TNT (France)
  • RaW (England)
  • DTC (France)
  • GLQ Badgers (England)
  • Biohazard (England)
  • Woking B Team (England)
  • Team "Fertile" (France)
  • The Wooden Spoons (England)
  • Team "Cyberclaw" (Holland)

We will be encouraging alternate players from the teams already registered to participate in "Rainbow" teams if they are short of players, for two reasons - firstly to ensure the format of the tournament is not affected if some team members are unable to attend at the last minute and secondly so that the alternate players are more likely to get some games during the weekend. After all, that's what we are all coming for!

Register Your Team

As mentioned, registration has been closed now. However, if you think your team should already be on this list, please feel free to contact one of us and we will investigate.

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