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I have finally got round to publishing the resuts of the tournament.

On the first day, the 18 participating teams were drawn into two groups. These groups played 6 three-team games each in which every team played every other team in their group at least once.

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Game Scores for Group 1, Round 1
Game Scores for Group 2, Round 1
Team Standings after Round 1

Teams were then divided again, with 1,3,5,7,9 from one group playing 2,4,6,8 from the other, and vice versa. Another 6 three-team games were planned in a similar fashion to round one, however after the first 9 games, when all teams had played three games each, we decided to call a halt to proceedings for the day, as we were running behind schedule and had already been playing for many hours.

Game Scores for Group 1, Round 2
Game Scores for Group 2, Round 2

That left the team standings looking like this:

Team Standings after Round 2

In order to determine who would go through into the last sixteen, a knockout stage was devised whereby the last 7 teams played each other for the right to continue in the tournament. The knockout games were played first on the Sunday, in order to determine the game schedules for the Last 16.

Game Scores from the Knockout Round
Knockout Round Progression

The Last 16 began as "double quest", where each game comprises two teams, and the games are replayed with the teams swapping packsets. The winner of a double quest match is the team with the highest total score over the two legs. As the competition progressed, only the games that would still determine the awarding of trophies were played as doublequest.

Game Scores from Last 16
Team Scores for the Last 16

Here are the individual statistics, in rank order, for the whole tournament. Please note only players who played at least half the team's games have been included in the final stats. Players who played for two teams have had their scores amalgamated.

Individual Stats (by Average Score)
Alternate Individual Stats (by Game Position)
Player infringements for the tournament

If you would like to download a full set of individual stats, you may do so here.

At the end of the tournament, the final standings were as follows:

  1. The Tribe Called Quest (Guildford, UK)
  2. "Team Win!" (Swindon, UK)
  3. LQ^Legends (Pro-Tag, NL)
  4. The New Woking Order (Woking, UK)
  5. Retards At Work (Swindon, UK)
  6. Big Guns (Pro-Tag, NL)
  7. The Badgers (Guildford, UK)
  8. D.T.C (Cannes, FR)
  9. 2LOOZ (Toulouse, FR)
  10. "Team Win!" France (FR)
  11. The Junkies (Rainbow Team)
  12. Team Outcast (Pro-Tag, Holland)
  13. Mystic (FR)
  14. Bio Hazard (Swindon, UK)
  15. F.U.B.A.R (Stourbridge, UK)
  16. Regeneration (Woking, UK)
  17. TNT (FR)
  18. Oranje (Doetinchem, NL)

Many thanks to all who took part. Congratulations, of course, to The Tribe Called Quest, World Laser Quest Champions 2004, and also to Trixxy of the T.C.Q. who walked away with the trophy for Top Individual Performance over the duration of the tournament.