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Tournament Rules

The attached document is the current draft of the rules for the European Laser Quest Championships 2003. Any changes made to this document will be detailed here, and a new draft of the rules will be distributed and posted here. Please check that you have the most up-to-date copy.

Word PDF Version Date Comments
Link Link Final 1.2 2003-Mar-03 Some small amendments to pre-game and pre-tournament procedures, slight amendments to rules on covering targets. Format tidied up.
n/a n/a Draft 1.1 2003-Jan-20 Minor amendments to layout, corrections.
n/a n/a Draft 1.0 2002-Dec-06 Initial Draft Document

Please Note:

  • This is now the final document to be used in the tournament and supercedes all previous versions. The updated version has been distributed by e-mail to all current registered team captains and will remain available here. Additional copies will be available on arrival at the event.
  • In the unlikely event that any changes need to be made to the rules in order to correct an unforseen error or omission, the updated rules will be distributed again in the same manner.

If you wish to comment on, or discuss, any of the details contained in this section of the ELC 2003 website please use one of the methods suggested here.

European Laser Quest Championships 2003